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How important is Kids Dentistry? When should I bring my child in for his/her first dental check-up?

American Association of Pediatric Dentistry recommends your child’s first dental visit after the first tooth appears but no later than his/ her first birthday

Kids with healthy teeth grow up to be adults with healthy teeth.  Your kids should start visiting a dentist as soon as their first tooth has erupted.  Early dental visits also allow your child to develop a good relationship with their dentist.  Many people grow up to be afraid of the dentist.  If your child gets used to coming to the dentist at a young age and has positive experiences — they will likely never develop this common phobia.

The best treatment for your child is prevention.

By providing regular cleanings, fluoride treatment, and sealants, we can decrease the chances that your child ever develops dental cavities.

Teenagers are one of the most at-risk groups for developing cavities.  Many teenage diets include sweets, sports drinks, and other cavity-causing food groups.  Hormonal changes may also change the natural bacteria in the mouth, resulting in cavities.  Make sure your teenager is having routine dental exams.

Kids Dentistry | Dental Sealants & Kids Dental Fillings Fluoride aka Tooth Vitamins

Fluoride Varnish is a simple application that is painted directly onto the teeth with a small brush after your child’s cleaning to make their teeth stronger and more resistant to developing cavities.

Kids Dentistry | Dental Sealants & Kids Dental Fillings Dental Sealants

Dental sealants are another preventative dental treatment.  One of the most common areas where a cavity will form is on the biting surface of a tooth.  This is because food and bacteria are able to find their way down into the tiny grooves and fissures of the tooth.  Once bacteria find their way into these grooves, the bacteria can begin to grow and cause a full-on cavity.

A dental sealant serves to seal deep grooves so bacteria can’t get inside. If nothing can get inside, you or your child’s chances of getting a cavity are much, much lower. Though often performed for kids – dental sealants are equally effective at preventing cavities in adults.

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Kids Dentistry | Dental Sealants & Kids Dental Fillings Athletic Mouth Guards for Kids Dentistry

If your teenager plays contact sports, research has shown that a custom-made professional Sports Mouthguard by a dentist significantly decreases the chance of both concussions and tooth damage in athletes compared to no mouthguard or an over-the-counter mouthguard.

Kids Dentistry | Dental Sealants & Kids Dental Fillings Dental Fillings

It is common practice if you have a tooth that has begun to decay, to stop that decay by removing it and replacing it with a dental filling. Such decay is called a cavity and maybe a visibly darkened area due to the breaking down of the tooth and the bacteria which has begun to disintegrate it. The dental filling is made of a composite material or porcelain and is applied after the decayed area is removed by Dr. Angra.

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